Refund Policy for Merchant

In context of this document, ‘Merchant’ refers to businesses, stores and individuals authorized to accept payments via Spring Pay for the approved goods and services categories.


‘Customer’ refers to an individual who have registered with the Spring Pay platform. 

All Refunds towards payments made using Spring Pay towards Spring Pay Merchants are governed by this policy. For all transactions made using Spring Pay, merchant is responsible to verify receipt of successful transaction and amount of transaction.


In case consumers contact you in relation to unsatisfactory / non-receipt of goods and services, you can try and resolve the issue directly with the customer. Spring Pay will not be liable for any issues related to damages / usage of goods or services returned by the customer.


In case customers approach Spring Pay in relation to non-delivery of goods or services by the merchant against a successful transaction. Spring Pay will get in touch with you regarding the refund of the transaction towards the customer. Customers can contact us within 30 days of making of the payment to request refund from the merchant.

Only in case merchant has accepted the refund, Spring Pay would refund the transaction amount to the customer and recover it from the merchant. Acceptance of refund is governed by the refund policies of the respective merchants. Merchant can have situations where only partial refunds are granted. Final decision on acceptance of refund would be decided on case to case basis with the merchant.

Merchants will be required to maintain a physical receipt of delivery of goods to help with the refund process.

Acceptance of refund is completely at the discretion of the merchant, once the final decision is made. Spring Pay will update the system with the refund transaction, if any, post the approval or rejection of refund request. In case you approved the refund, refund will be processed during the next settlement cycle and refunded to the customer. in case of lack of transaction to recover refund amount in the next 1 week of acceptance of refund request. Spring Pay will require the merchant to transfer the said amount to Spring Pay’s bank account via cheque or bank transfer.

In case of any issues related to any refunds deducted in your settlement, please contact us at

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