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What is Spring Pay?
Spring Pay is a mobile app based payment system to make payments to retail merchants who are onboarding onto Spring Pay platform.



How do I join Spring Pay?
To join Spring Pay, you need to have a smartphone and a payment instrument such as debit card / credit card or netbanking. Spring Pay is available in Android OS.


What do I need to register with Spring Pay?
You need to only provide your name, email ID and mobile number to join Spring Pay platform. OTP is sent to your mobile number during the sign-up process.


Can I use any card / bank account with Spring Pay?
Spring Pay works with any debit / credit card issued in India. Netbanking service of all major banks in India can be used to pay using Spring Pay.


Do I need to deposit money into any wallet to pay using Spring Pay?
No, Customers use their card / net banking for processing the payments via payment gateway. Spring Pay will deduct only the amount equal to the transaction amount from your bank account.



Can I pay to any merchant using Spring Pay?
You can make merchant payments to only merchant onboarded onto Spring Pay platform.


Can I transfer funds between my bank accounts or to any friend?
As of now, Spring Pay can be used to make payments only to merchants who have been onboarded onto Spring Pay platform. In case we add new features we will keep you informed on the details.


Do I need an active data connection for using Spring Pay for payments?
Yes, you will need to have an active data connection to make payments using Spring Pay. Spring Pay works across 2G / 3G / 4G across all telecom operators in India. You can even be connected via Wi-fi connection to make a payment.


Do I have to pay to use Spring Pay App?
No, Spring Pay App is completely free to use for the customers.


Where can I download the Spring Pay App?
Spring Pay app is currently available for Android OS. You can download it from Google Play Store.


Payments Transaction Queries

How do I make payments to Merchants?
To make payments to merchants, you need to have Spring Pay app on your smartphone. To make payment to the merchant, Customer has to follow the following steps.
1. Open the Spring Pay app
2. Scan the merchant QR code or type in the merchant tag
3. Once the merchant is identified, Customer can enter the amount for the transaction
4. on the payment page, Customer can verify the transaction details and enter his payment instrument details to process the transaction
5. Once redirected to his / her bank page, carryout the second factor of authentication to process the transaction.
6. Customer will be shown receipt showing status of the transaction


How do I introduce Spring Pay to my friends?
You can share the app link with you friends from the app. Go to profile -> Share App link and you can share the app with your friends via Whatsapp, Hangout, Messenger, SMS etc.


Can I make payments using Spring Pay to all retail merchants?
Currently you can make payments only to Merchants who are verified and onboarded onto Spring Pay platform. Spring Pay is continuously working towards increasing its merchant base. In case you would like to suggest any merchant you can mail us at


What alternative do I have in case Spring Pay App is not working?
In case Spring Pay App does not work on your phone or your phone is switched off, you can make payments to the merchant using cash although these will not be reflected on the Spring Pay App.


What is a Merchant QR or Merchant Tag?
Merchant QR code is an encoded version of Merchant Tag. Merchant Tags are 7  character alphanumeric Identifier created by Spring Pay to uniquely identify each merchant on its platform.


Where can I view my transactions done using Spring Pay Platform?
Transactions history is available in the App by clicking the icon on top-right corner of the home screen. Customers can click on individual transaction to view the detailed transaction receipt.


Can I know my Account balance / credit balance from Spring Pay App?
No, Spring Pay is integrated with Banks only for payments processing. Spring Pay will not be able to provide any other information regarding your banking account on our app.


What are the limits for the transactions performed on the Spring Pay platform?
Spring Pay Does not limit the number of transactions or the amount on its app. The transaction limits / credit limits of your cards / accounts may limit the transactions you can perform using Spring Pay.


Does Spring Pay use PIN or Pattern lock for App Security?
No, Currently Spring Pay does not deploy lock for its App as no sensitive data is stored on your smartphone.


Which Transactions can I refund?
Any Transaction with a Spring Pay Merchant performed using Spring Pay App is eligible for refund. In case you are certain that the merchant has not provided the goods / services as per your agreement, you can request a refund.


How do I raise a refund request?
You can raise a refund request by contacting Spring Pay Customer Care Number by calling at 96999 58008 or by emailing us at


What should I do in case I receive intimation of successful transaction but the merchant does not?
Sometimes due to network related issues, merchant may not receive notification of transaction immediately. In such cases you can show the merchant the notification you have received and complete the transaction. In case the merchant does not agree, you can contact us to initiate refund within the next 7 days.


How is the refund processed?
Once we have received a refund request, Spring Pay will initiate contact with the merchant and make final decision on the refund request in 7 days. In case the request is accepted. Refund amount will be paid to the customer in their account in 2-3 working days.


What if I enter an incorrect Merchant code?
You can view the merchant name on the transaction confirmation screen. in case its incorrect you can cancel the transaction. In case you complete the transaction to an incorrect merchant code, kindly raise a refund request.


Can I cancel a transaction once it’s initiated?
No, A transaction once initiated cannot be canceled.



How Safe is Spring Pay?
All Transactions performed on Spring Pay follow two-factor authentication followed by the respective banks. All payments messages between Spring Pay and its payment partners are transferred via secure channels.


Can I perform transactions in case I don’t have a data connection?
No, you will not be able to perform transactions without a data connection.


What if I change my smart phone?
Spring Pay Account can easily be transferred to your new device. You just need to download Spring Pay app on your new phone and register as a new user.


How do I know the transaction is complete?
You will see a transaction receipt screen post the transaction is complete. You can also see the payment on the transaction history page.


Can I trust merchants with payments on Spring Pay?
Yes, all merchants onboarded onto spring pay are verified along with background checks by Spring Pay. In case you are uncertain about any merchant, please contact us so we can take necessary action.

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